Pattern interpretation - "rib #"

I’m making this toddler beret and I want to be sure I’m reading the pattern correctly.

I’m doing the Toddler 4 size, so I cast on the 101 stitches.

Row 8 for my size then says: Rib 5, M1, (rib 7, m1) 13 times, rib 5, - 115 sts.

When it says “Rib 5”, given this is a K1P1 rib, that would mean I’d K1/P1, K1/P1, K1/P1, K1/P1, K1/P1, make 1 – yes?

It’s the last of my Christmas WIPs, hoping to speed through this one today.



I’d say that when they say rib 5, it must mean 5 individual stitches…in order for the math to work out.


You would do 5 stitches in the rib pattern, in this cast K1P1K1P1K1 and then M1, then for the part in the brackets you would do 7 stitches in the rib pattern (K1P1K1P1K1P1K1) then M1, etc.

Thanks, don’t know why I didn’t think to do the math first…

I have, however, decided never to work with fun fur again – not very “fun” to knit!

You can see a rib pattern in fun fur? :?

(isnt’ there an emoticon for surprised?)


The rib is actually in the 8 rows of regular yarn that is the band. This is going to drive me to open the Christmas cognac a few days early!

Oh, I wondered…