Pattern interpretation - Help required please!


I am trying to knit the ‘Slouched Garter Hat’ from DK’s ‘Big Book of Knitting’ and I’m a little confused with the pattern.

For those who have this book, it is on page 103. I’m relatively new to Knitting Help so I don’t know how to post a photo yet otherwise I would upload an image of the specific part of the pattern i’m stuck on for context. Anyway, here goes!

The pattern asks for 2 sets of needles:

  • Needles A - 1 pair of 3.25mm (UK10/US3) needles

  • Needles B - 4 x 3.75 (UK9/US5) double-pointed needles or 40cm, 3.75mm (UK9/US5) circular needle

The pattern then asks you to cast on 108 stitches using needles A. Simple enough.

However, it then says ‘Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place stitch marker to indicate start of round’. It then asks you to stocking stitch until you have 4.5cm of brim.

My question is, if i am supposed to be working in the round, shouldn’t I be using needles B rather than needles A?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you knit the first 4.5cm on the smaller needles and then switch to the larger? Look further in the pattern and see if you can find a switch to the larger needles.
Of course, the smaller needles should also be adaptable to knitting in the round, either dpns or long circular for magic loop.