Pattern instructions

Knitting pattern for NICU baby cap - small

directions say:

Decrease - rib stitch
Row 1 - k2, p4
Row 2 - p2 (over k2), K4(over p2) repeat across

What does (over k2) mean?

I think it means that the p2 sts will be over 2 knits from the previous row. But since it’s supposed to be decreasing, I’m not really sure. Do you have a link to the pattern? And if there’s a picture that can help in figuring it out.

Thank you,

I figured it out (the parentheses) are just explaining what is happening on the other side. These directions are the first 2 rows and then the decreasing begins. So you are right in what you said - I appreciate it so much.

My dad and husband are going to sew the nursery set for our new baby. But I am having a hard time finding a pattern or instructions online to make your own crib comforter.