Pattern instructions

I haven’t knit very much and I have this pattern for a scarf my daughter wants for Christmas…I talked her out of the sweater with same pattern :noway: Well I’m stuck which didn’t surprise me so here goes.
SSk, pll, M7, p2, yo, k2 yo,p2 M7,p11,k2tog.
Ok I get the ssk, purls, and yo. but whats this M7? Is it make 7?? and how would you do this in middle of the work? :wall:

Which pattern is it? If we see a picture it helps. It may have the instructions for M7 somewhere in the notes before the CO of the pattern.

Oh and make sure that’s not a 1; sometimes fonts are funny… 1s look like 7s.

The pattern is out of a book Norah Gaughan collection Eastlake scarf it makes a leaf pattern ok, your right it did have the instructions for a M7= (k1,yo) 3 times k1 all in same st (7 sts made from 1) I thought that was alot for one stitch but I went back and tried and by gosh I got it!! Suprised myself! Thanks for the input, although I’m not done yet but another hurdle jumped, I may be back with more questions