Pattern instructions question

Hi, all!

I am knitting a tam (that’s a good thing to be knitting on St. Paddy’s Day) and I have a question. I would post a link, but it’s out of a magazine ‘Quick Knits from Classic Elite Yarns.’ I found a website, but there are no instructions there. It’s the Harriet Tam.

I’m getting ready to shape the crown and the instructions are as follows:

Shape Crown,Setup round:ssk, work 19 sts, k2tog, pm; rep from 5 more times (126 sts rmn) Work 1 rnd even.

There are 136 stitches right now. So obviously I’m not ssking the 19 stitches, just 1 per every 19, I guess, but what does it mean "work 1 round even?"TIA

Yes, just slip slip knit and then knit 19sts, k2tog, place a marker and repeat from the asterisk.
Work a round even means to knit the round without any increases or decreases.

Work even means no decreases or increases, just continue knitting in pattern.

Thanks, SM! I thought that was it, but wasn’t sure. So much seems to be ‘implied’ in knitting patterns!

Whoops! Just realized that instead of slipping stitches knitwise, I did it purl-wise (for just the first row of the setup round). How much of a difference will that make? Rats!

If you’re knitting in the round, you don’t slip the first st anyway. When you slip for decs (ssk) you would slip knitwise.

I am knitting in the round, and I slipped purlwise! Should I undo it? Wet rat farts!!!

You don’t have to tink back to the decrease or undo the whole round. You could fix it when you come around to it again. Undo only the decrease and reknit it, then continue on with the current row.

Good advice, but I am actually just continuing w/ what I’ve been doing, and it looks OK. So is that a stitch? SSp, but then knit it instead?:slight_smile:

And since I am using a traveling loop thing, I shouldn’t have to switch to DPNs, is that correct? I finished my last hat w/ DPNs, but it would be OK to not have to.

Also getting VERRRYYY close to the end of the ball of yarn, NOt sure I will make it. Cliffhanger!!

If you’re looping already I see no reason to change to dpn unless you prefer it. Fingers crossed on the yarn going the distance! I have probably done some decreases and slipped the first stitch pw. Lately I’ve used the “improved ssk” and slipped the second purlwise. I’ve corrected decreases as salmonmac suggests and I’ve even moved the decrease over a stitch or 3 before! How picky are you? Does it look OK to you? Whether to change it is a personal call. If you’re continuing on as before with your decreases, then it’s a design element for sure. :thumbsup:

Well, I finished it with about 6 inches to spare. The decreases look OK, actually. The only thing is, it’s supposed to be a tam, and it came out like a beanie. I did have to switch to DPNs.

I’ll just have to try another tam pattern and see if it looks more…tam-ish!

There seems to be some variation in the fit of the projects on Ravelry (free to join), too.

Be sure you’re getting the gauge called for in the pattern. You might also try blocking the hat (unless it’s acrylic yarn) into a more tam-like shape.
One reason for the ssk (sts slipped knitwise) and improved ssk (one st slipped k-wise, the second p-wise) is to give a nice flat decrease. You can look up videos for both on the Glossary page if you’d like. This hat in particular has very pretty decreases across the top.