Pattern instructions confusing! Help!

Hey there!

I am making the Cabled Hooded Vest from the latest Vogue knitting magazine issue. The vest is worked in pieces and I am on the back. When it gets to the neck shaping, these are the instructions:

Next row:(RS) Work 24 sts in pat, join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 28sts, work to end.
strong text This is what I don’t understand:
Working both sides at once, bind off 2 sts from each neck edge twice, 1 st once. Work 1 WS row. Place rem 19 sts each side on st holders.

How do I work both sides at once? And what does it mean by bind off 2 sts from neck edge twice and 1 st once?? Please help!!

You can work both sides at the same time using 2 balls of yarn or 2 ends of yarn pulled from the same ball.
Once you’ve joined the 2nd ball of yarn and bound off the center 28ss, you’ll have the sts for the two shoulders with a gap in between. Each shoulder will have its own ball of yarn.
On the WS row, pattern across the left shoulder to the gap, drop the yarn from the 2nd ball and pick up the yarn from the first ball of yarn, bind off 2sts (this is the neck edge) and then work across the right shoulder to the end of row.
On the RS row, work across the right shoulder to the neck, drop the first yarn, pick up the 2nd, bind off 2 sts and finish the row. Repeat these 2 rows.
Then repeat the rows but only bind off (or decrease) one stitch at each neck edge.

Thank you so much!! Your explanations are always so clear! It makes perfect sense now! I am sure this wont be the only question for this pattern since it is my first garment worked in pieces. I dont think I would ever attempt these things without knowing I have you guys as a back up system!! Thanks again!

We are all delighted to act as back up. Come back anytime!

I hope you’ll be back to get help, help others and chat with us! :slight_smile: