Pattern instruction question

I have a sweater pattern (from a famous yarn manuf.) which, after giving instructions for a decrease row on the RS (which is a knit row with instructions given for knit decreases) the pattern then says: repeat decrease row every 4th row. The problem is I am on the WS when I get to the 4th row: i.e, decrease row rs - row 1; purl row - row 2; knit row - row 3; purl row - row 4 !!!

Am I to assume that the decrease row is NOT counted in this 4 row rotation or am I doing something wrong.

Thanks for any help you can give.


I would read it as your first dec row is row 1, and every 4th after that would be rows 5, 9, 13, etc. That will keep you on the right side.

If you’re decreasing on row 1, then you will repeat that every 4th row not including the row 1 decrease. So in other words, on row 5, 9, etc.

Thanks - I assumed that was the case but was not certain. As a former journalist I’d like to edit and rewrite some of these patterns so newer knitters - as I am - would have no doubts as to how to proceed. Thanks again for your help.

You’re right, that instruction isn’t written completely clearly - it should actually say to repeat every following 4th row.

But when the word `following’ is in a pattern, we get all sorts of questions about what that means… :wink:


True that. :teehee: