Pattern instruction question


Hi! This morning I dug out a bedspread pattern from Woman’s Day, Feb 1988. Surprisingly, I still like it, so the needles are warming up! But I’m confused by one instruction and hoping someone point me in the right direction.

This spread has three panels: Left and Right Open Ribs and the center Palm Leaf. Pattern instructions for the Left and Right Open Rib panels have two rows that are repeated for the rib pattern. The “Left Open Rib” working pattern is “Establish Pattern: Work Row 1 of left open rib on 31 stitches, place marker, work Row 1 of palm leaf pattern on remaining 49 stitches. Keeping in pattern, work even until same length . . .”

Does “keeping in pattern” means I’m going to be working with

  • rows 1 and 2 of both the left open rib and the palm leaf pattern?
  • rows 1 and 2 of the left open rib and all 15 pattern rows of the palm leaf? (this makes more sense)

Thanks so much -


Welcome to the forum!
Keep repeating the Left and right rib pattern rows 1 and 2. At the same time work rows 1-15 of the palm leaf. You can keep separate count of the rib and leaf patterns but it’s likely that you’ll be able to follow your knitting for the rib patterns and only need to keep track on the palm leaf.
What is the name of the pattern? It sounds lovely.


Thank you, both for the welcome and the instruction! :grinning:

The pattern is called “Nostalgic Victorian Bedroom Ensemble.” Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? It’s interesting in that the spread is made with worsted weight yarn and is washable.

Here we go!