Pattern instruction help

This might be an old pattern not sure, found it on the internet. I am not sure if there is something missing from the instructions or not.
It is called Dreamy ripple knit afghan LT1542,
For the foundation row (WS) it says knit. Then gives Row 1 instructions. What I am confused about is only knit 1 row for the foundation row? To end the afghan you repeat row 5 which is identical to row 1 but then knit 3 rows and BO. Wouldn’t you do the same in the beginning then, knit 3 rows as the foundation?


The direction of the pattern (chevrons) is probably the reason for the imbalance in the beginning and ending rows. It sounds like it will work out fine as is but if you’d like to add in 2 more knit rows, I think that would work out, too. It’s up to you.