Pattern instruction help

Instructions read:
Shape Neck: At neck edge, dec 1 st. At neck edge of every second row, rs facing, dec 1 st 8 times. At neck edge of every 4th row, dec 1 st 11 times. [B]At the same time,[/B] when piece measures 24 1/2" above rib, end rs of work.

I’m working on a cardigan. I got stuck in this part. my pattern calls for 71 stiches. I typed the intructions as they are in the pattern. My queistion is do I need to decrease every 2nd row and them every 4th row and then 2nd then 4th and so on (interchanging in 2nd and 4th rows back and forth)?.
Thanks for your time. I hope you understand my confusion. Unfurtunatly I do not have an expert knitter near me. I taught myself how to knit. :knitting:

Thanks a million for your help.
Durfay (NY)

You first dec every other row, then dec every 4th row.

Thanks so much for taking your time to help me. I truly appreciate it.
What trows me off is when it says at the same time. Is it every 2nd then every 4th then every 2nd then every 4th? So sorry to bug you.

The ‘at the same time’ instructions have nothing to do with the increases. Inc every other row 8 times, then inc every 4th row 11 times. It should have said [I]when[/I] your work is 24½" above rib…

Thanks so much. I have been stuck for the longest.