Pattern instruction doesn't make sense to me

My pattern says - cast on 109 stitches.
Then - Knit 2 - cast off 3 … and do this until the end , and then you will have 55 stitches.
I tried to do this - but I must have got the cast off 3 wrong because I ended up with around 24 stitches. How do I knit 2 and cast off 3?

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That’s the entire row, a repeat of (k2, cast off 3)? What is the name of your pattern?
The row works for a cast on of 108 or if there is a k1 at the end of the row. It’ll take 4sts to cast off 3sts. Don’t count the stitch remaining on the needle after the cast off as one of the next k2.

Hi, thank you for replying. Its a Sublime patter - The Little Sublime hand knit book, baby cashmere merino silk.
So it says Cast in 109 stitches . K2 *cast off 3sts (1 st will remain on the needle) K2, rep fro * to last 5 stitches. Cast of 3 and knot 1. You will now have 55 stitches)

So I knitted the two - but then how was I to proceed to cast off 3? I must have done it wrong as I ended up with only 27 or so stitches.

OK, knit 2. Then for the cast off: Knit 2 more sts and lift stitch 3 over stitch 4 and off the needle. Knit one more stitch, lift stitch 4 over stitch 5 and off the needle. Now repeat once more, knit one, lift stitch 5 over stitch 6 and off the needle. You’ve cast off 3sts and there’s one stitch leftover from the cast off. (There’s also a gap before those first 2sts that you knit.) Now knit 2 sts.
That’s the repeat.
That row works with the 109sts cast on. It may help for this row to k2 and then use markers to mark off sets of 6sts for the repeat. That’ll make sure you stay on track for the repeats.

Love those Sublime baby patterns!

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Thank you SO much. I had got it all wrong. I am not a very experienced knitter (clearly) but love trying more complicated patterns.

Yes, the Sublime baby patterns are gorgeous.


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