Pattern increase

I’m doing the box st pattern row 1 across K2 P2 K2 row 2 across P2 K2 P2 row 3 across P2 K2 P2 row 4 across K2 P2 K2 I’m suppose to incr on some rows on each end of row, how do I do that without screwing up the pattern?

When you increase on the outside edges of an established pattern, you expand the pattern outward. You don’t change the sequence of stitches already knitted. So the increase at the beginning of the row would be the stitch that would be before the one currently there, and at the end, you add a stitch that would follow the one there.

For a k2, p2 pattern, if the increase comes before a k2 segment, I would p and k into the first stitch of the row, and add a knit or purl at the end of the row.

It doesn’t look perfect, but when you incorporate that stitch into the pattern properly on the next row, it all melds together.