Pattern increase 8th+10th row?

My pattern says : For side shaping increase both side. alt every 8th+10th rows: 7X1 stitch. What does it mean. I don’t understand every 8th+10th row

Maybe it means you alternate sides that you increase on the 8th and 10th rows - 1 side increase on the 8th, the other side increase on the 10th.

These are actually symmetrical increases, one stitch on each end of the row. Increase on row 8, then 10 rows later on row 18. Then the increases are on rows 26, 36, 44, 54, and 62.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Pattern is from Fam lang collection 218 Lang Yarns. Its #52 Jumper

This is apparently one big reason I run into problems with some patterns. I thought it meant to add one side on the 8th row, the next on the 10th row, and then start counting the rows over again to make the increases.:gah:

Well, it’s a bit ambiguous but usually these increases are symmetrical, so at the beginning of the row and the end of the same row. Sometimes the stitch count helps and sometimes the picture of the item helps with figuring it out. Other times you just have to try something and see how it goes.