Pattern [Inc Row, 1 WS row even, Sleeve Inc Row, 1 WS row even]

Hi - I have a few questions about the captioned pattern.
I understand [Inc Row], but for [1 WS row even], does that mean I just need to purl all stitches on the WS?
As for [Sleeve Inc Row], my pattern just says “work inc as for Inc Row on sleeves only”, what does it mean by “on sleeves only”? how do I know where I should add stitches? Any help would be much appreicated. Thank you.

To work even over one or more rows means you keep the stitch count ‘even’ or the same, no incs or decs. Do this in the stitch pattern, so work the WS row the same as previous, just with no incs. Are you doing a raglan? Then the sts will be sectioned off into back, front(s) and sleeves so you only do the incs on the sts in the sleeve section. It would be a lot of help to us if you could link to the pattern, a picture of it, or just tell us the name. Then we have a better idea what you’re working on.

Thank you very much. Below it’s the pattern (from the beginning till this sleeve inc row point). Please forgive me for this long description.

The sweater starts with the yoke
CO 64 sts
Est Rib (RS): k3, *p2, k2; rep from * to last st., k1; 4 more rows in est rib
St st (WS): p10, pm, p11, pm, p22, pm , p11, pm, p10
Shape yoke (RS): work [inc row, then 1 WS row even] 10 times (this part i understand)
here comes the problem:
then [inc row, 1 WS row even, sleeve inc row, 1 WS row even] 4 times, and i’m a bit confused here about the “sleeve inc row”

For Inc row (RS): [k to 1 st before marker, m1-r, k1, sl marker, k1 m1-l] 4 times, knit to end of row - 8 sts inc’d
[COLOR=“Red”][U][B]For Sleeve Inc Row (RS): work inc as for Inc Row on sleeves only - 4 sts inc’d[/B][/U][/COLOR]

On the yoke increase row, you increased before and after the markers for 8sts increased each right side increase row. Now the instructions are to increase only on the sleeve part of the pattern for a total of 4sts increased each time.
You should knit to the first marker, slip the marker, k1 then increase. Knit across the sleeve sts to one st before the 2nd marker, increase, k1 and slip marker. Knit across the back sts to the 3rd marker, slip the marker, k1, increase, knit across the sleeve sts to one st before the 4th marker, increasse, k1, slip the marker and knit to the end (4 increases).

There are many books out there in print. Some people self-publish. Some of those books I’ve read are pretty bad. Just because somebody publishes a book (or pattern) doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing.

I’m one of those who just jumps into a pattern. I have to discipline myself to read it through first. As an example, I knit a top down baby sweater similar to the one you’re doing. I’m doing the increases, happily knitting away. Eventually this thing looked like it would fit the son of King Kong. Farther down in the directions, the pattern designer told me I was supposed to stop increasing after the stitch count reached a certain amount. I had to rip out five inches of work. You could have told me sooner!

The designers may have a master’s certificate in knitting, but some of them just don’t know how to write a pattern so everyone can understand it. I think your pattern is one of them. This is not your fault.

I wouldn’t say it’s a poorly written pattern though, many of them tell you something important after describing how to do it. That’s why it’s a good idea to read through the whole pattern first. A lot of them will say something like “read the next part carefully before proceeding” so you know it’s important information.

Thank you everyone for your responses. Special thanks to salmonmac for your detailed explanation. I will try to work on it.