Pattern in a book, but knitting while traveling?

Okay, so I figured that this would largely be a no-brainer…I’d just take the book with the pattern in it to a copier, have the relevant pages copied, and voila, I can take my project on the train or to a knitting night or whatever.

Then I noticed that, wait a second, the stitch pattern is on [I]that[/I] page, and the notes are on THAT page, and the patterns are on yet another page…at this rate, I’d be covering the train in paper and risk losing a page or two.

Okay, I thought, I’ll scan the pages, then put them back together again in PhotoShop in a way that makes sense and that they’ll fit onto one or two pages, and that means that they’re large enough for me to read, and oh, maybe it’d be helpful to highlight my sizes and…

Suddenly, copying the pattern to work on it on the train has turned into a major project.

How do you cope with this? Do you simply take the whole book along with you, or do you copy the pages, write out the section you need, what?

I have a 3 ring binder so I copy the relevent pages and punch the holes and put in binder. If I need to consolidate down to a hand carry package, I just carry the pages I need folded up with my knitting.

I [U]always[/U] photocopy a pattern, no matter how many pages, when I am working on it. The risk of losing the pattern or book is too great, AND I can mark and write and make notes on a copy.
If the pattern or notes are lengthy I put them in a folder with fasteners. When I am done, if it is a pattern I like I save the copied pattern to use again. If I don’t lie it I usually discard the copy.

I copy the pages, staple them, and then fold them up and stuff them in my project bag. I currently have a 3 page sock pattern in there… it’s a bit of a pain to flip around the pages, but I’m not bothered enough by it to do anything about it. I suppose I could cut it up so the parts I need are on one page, rescan, and print the new version… but frankly I’d rather just deal with the stapled stack. :slight_smile:

Yep, I say photocopy them. :thumbsup:

Hi! I get really irritated when the pattern in on different pages with useless stuff in the middle that you don’t need ALL the time. I would photocopy the pages, then cut the sections apart with scissors, and then rephoto copy them in the order that want. That way you don’t have to have a whole bunch of pages, and you can always make two copies the first time, and stick the original in your bag for emergency referals!!

Good luck!

I photocopy as well. I’ve also taken the relevent information and typed it into Word, saved it and then just printed what I needed. Mostly I do that with smallish patterns [I]and [/I]if I have the time to do it.

For me it depends on where I am going. My DH and I usually drive everywhere we go (can’t afford train/air with kids) If we are going to a family members house - I just bring my book. I’m either in the car or in their house. If I leave it, they will be able to mail it to me.

If I’m staying in a hotel, campground, or going to different places - I photocopy. If I lose it, I’ve still got the original at home. Books are sometimes hard to replace.

Have a good trip.

I photocopy as many pages as needed and staple them together. If it ends up being 1 page or 10, it is what it is. Had I used the original, I’d be flipping around the book/magazine so what’s the difference. Even if it’s 10 pages, all 10 pages are related to that project and not spread out like they may be in the magazine.

Good point! I’ve already started scanning these pages, so I’ll probably go ahead and rearrange all the bits so they are facing pages, then laminate and put a binder ring on them…