Pattern ideas needed please


i have masses of odd 100gram skeins of DK yarn. I’m talking about 20/30 odd coloured skeins. i don’t want to get rid of them as its such a waste. i was going to learn to crochet and make a patch work blanket, but i’m strgugling with this learning online. and don’t speak enough french to do a coursehere in france (will wait until i move back to the UK then do a course :smiley: ).

anyway, i have tried a few smaller item for my 3 year old like balaclava (sorry about the spelling, its the end of a very long day!!), for some reason i couldn’t follow the pattern properly (its dead simple i have done harder with no problems, but i just have a block on this pattern for some reason. so decidede that i’m not wasting my time on it (even though it would be so usefull for my son over the winter as he’s outside with me far more than he’s in and it does get mightly cold here)

does anyone have any ideas please? i’m looking at anything for a 3 year old boy pluss. i’m not going to have a lot of time in 2 years time (moving back to the UK for good, and going to have to get a job whilst studying through the Open university etc, so being a single mum its gona be hard pressed to find time to knit i can imagine :frowning: ). so the idea is to make everything tha i want to alex (my son) until i have finished my uni course (well the first 2 year at least, i’m sure i will have some time, just not like i have now).

anyhow, i’ll stop waffling now


any ideas though please, i have searched and yet again come up with a blank with DK yarn



I’m not sure there is a site that gives you patterns for certain weight yarn, but if there is I’d love to know it!

Have you looked here?

After searching I also found this site for DK weight patterns. There are some children’s sweaters that would be cute all stripey.

I have just taught myself to crochet. Screw the online tutorials. They’re hard to understand unless you know the basics.

I suggest the following books form your public library.

  1. Teach Yourself Visually-Crocheting. By: Kim P. Werker and Cecily Keim.

I suggest you actually buy this book. There’s so much good information, i don’t want to return it to the library. :oops:

  1. Kids Crochet. By Kelli Ronci.

Nothing like a kids book to clearly explain things. :smiley:

And here’s a really cute pattern. I adjusted this pattern so that it was longer and covered my ears. Now its a ear muffy-headband thing.[/i]

Jan, you FOUND it. That site has patterns for all weights. Aran/worsted, DK, Fingering. Way cool! I love it!

Sure, they cost money, but I think they are worth it. :smiley: