Pattern ideas for cool button?

Hi everyone,

I bought these cute little buttons a while ago from an little artisan shop on Etsy called CharcoalCouture. They are super sweet and I bought them on a whim and now I really want to wear them I just don’t have an idea for what I could put them on. Does anyone out there have a cool pattern or idea for a way to incorporate these buttons. I want to show them off a bit. There are four so mabye even something that could use all of them or just one is okay too?

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

I think a simple sweater so the buttons would stand out. Too detailed and the sweater itself will draw your eye away.

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Those are adorable buttons. What does the diameter measure?.They made me think of this pattern from Ravelry (free to join) which really features the buttons.

A scarf, cowl or hat with maybe an “old-time” feel.

Very cute buttons. In addition to the size, maybe you could tell us what they’re made out of. They look like wood to me. If that’s the case, you may not want to put them on a sweater because after washing them a few times, your buttons will be ruined. And you probably don’t want to take them off and put them back on every time either.

So maybe a hat, fingerless mittens, or a purse? Maybe something like this hatwise?

That’s super cute!

These would be great as a decoration all over a beanie.