Pattern ?: how to cast on at the beginning of row 2?

Hello everyone… I’m a newbie to this forum and have a limited amount of knitting experience. But I’m stumpped on a reading a pattern and was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how to do this.

The pattern is for some knitted flowers that will be felted. The first step is to cast on 16 sts. Then row 1 is just k1p1 for all the 16 stitches.

Here comes the part I don’t understand on row 2. It says to cast on 16 sts at beg of row, *k1p1;rep from * across - 32 sts. So when row 2 is done. There should be 32 stitches on the needle. The pattern kind of continues like this and by the time you get to row 6 there will be a total of 96 sts.

I have no clue how to cast on additional stitches after making the initial cast on. I first thought that I should use double pointed needles and just take the short end of the original cast on string and use it to cast on the stitches but some how I don’t think this is right since there will be a total of 96 stitches by row 6.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated :muah:


I think that most people use the single loop cast on. You can find it here by scrolling down a bit! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply but I’m still missing something. I know how to do the original first cast on with the single loop but I’ve never seen a pattern that has you cast on, knit one row, and then onto that row 1 make additional cast on stitches. How do you do that?



that’s what i am talking about…use the single loop…hmmmm…i think i know of a video where someone is doing it in the middle of a pattern…let me see if i can find it.

Rather that turning the work and trying to cast on at the beginning of a row, cast on the extra stitches at the end of the row. When you turn you work, they’ll be at the beginning of the next row. Make sense? You can use your working yarn and just cast on the way you did initially.

yup here it is. it is a video on how to make a scarf with a hole in it but about a minute into the video she casts stitches back on to the needles…should give you an idea of how to do it!

AH HA!!! Thanks so much for the suggestions and THANK YOU Brendajos for hanging with me!!! The video was perfect and it totally makes sense now. I was having a total duh moment. It seems so simple now.!!!

I knew I found the right place to come for help!!!

I can’t thank you enough!!!