Pattern help

so…my regular go to knitting help is sick and i need help asap …can you help me…i am doing a waistband with a provisional cast on. i am to the point where pattern says to undo provisional cast on and place sts on a new needle (does this need a straight needle or another circular one) then i fold work in half,so the new needle, with the cast on sats sits inside the needle with the working yarn.(?) then join in the round, knit 2tog around,each time combine one st from the cast on and one from the working yarn.(?) is there a video that show this technique or simpler instructions available? Thanks so much if you can help.

It sounds similar to a 3 needle bind off although without the bind off step. This video shows you the technique. You would continue to knit sts onto the right needle without doing the lifted bind off.

Are you knitting in the round? In that case it would be easier to have both the live sts (with the working yarn) and the sts from the provisional cast on, on circular needles. If you’re working flat you could use straight needles assuming they can handle the number of sts.

What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or the name of the pattern?

Thank you so much! The pattern is from tin can knits called rocky,classic 80’s joggers for baby. I am knitting in the round for the waist. that is why i was uncertain. this is the first time doing the provisional cast on.

Oh, very cute pattern!