Pattern help!

So my pattern says

"Last 4 rows form moss st pat at sides. Panel pats A and B are now in position.

Cont in pat, keeping cont of panel pats, inc 1 at each end of needle on next 3(5-5-9-5) rows, then on every following alt row to 63 (77-89-129-161) sts, taking Inc sts into moss st.

Work 1 row even in pat."

So I understand that I continue with the previous 4 rows and panel patterns. When I increase on the alternate rows do I increase till there is 161 stitches on my needle or do I increase 161 stitches? And when I take the increase stitches into moss stitch do I just do that all at the end of the pattern? And what does it mean when it says work 1 even row in the pattern? I should also mention that there is cabling in the panel patterns.

Increase until you have 161 stitches.
It looks best if you keep the moss stitch pattern going all the way up. If you see the increase should be a purl, do that, if it should be a knit, do that.
“Work even” or “work one row even” means “don’t increase, don’t decrease, just work the stitches you already have on the needle in the way you’ve been doing.”

Okay so with the moss stitch I should keep it even on both sides of the pattern or just moss stitch the increases all at the end of the row? And after I do the 5 increases I should skip increasing on the next row and then the following row would be considered the alternate rows? Here is a link to the full pattern if this helps.