Pattern help

Help! I have a pattern I would love to work on, but I am stuck. Can someone, anyone, tell me how to do this row?? Here it is: Sl 1, k2, *p1, k1 into st in row below, dropping loop on ndl, p1, k3, rep from * across. I know that I knit 1 stitch in the row below, that would be adding a stitch. What I don’t know is what it means by dropping loop on ndl. Thanks to each and everyone in advance!


This won’t actually increase a stitch. The video shows how to:

Okay, I think that I have that, but what about what follows:

k1 into st in row below, dropping loop on ndl

Purl Hunter is showing you the k1 into the stitch below and as part of that (see the 1:17 minute point), she shows you the “drop loop on left needle”.

Okay, thank you. I shall try to do my project now! :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for all of your help! I was able to work on my project. Knitted all the way from Ohio to New Mexico and got some coasters made for my sister to give to her co-workers as gifts. :slight_smile: Sure hope that she and they all like them.

Now, I have another request for help. Thanks in advance! I have a shawl that I am making for my husband’s 87 year old aunt. She is such a sweetie. Here is the row from the pattern that I am working on that I do not know what to do with:
“Row 5: slp 1, *K2, YO, dbl dec, YO, K2, repeat from * to last st, K1” I know all but an not sure about the dbl dec. Thanks again in advance!!

So glad the coasters worked. That’s a wonderful gift.
There are a couple of ways of doing a double dec but the pattern row looks like a centered double dec would work best. Here’s a video for it: