Pattern help

Hi, I’m new.
I started knitting about three months ago. Be doing ok with using google etc to get me though. Ive made a cardigan for myself. Chuffed.

I’m into making a jumper at the mo and I’m slight stuck on reading the pattern.
I’ve made the front and back and 1 sleeve ok. I’m just looking forward to adding a collar.

The pattern says.
Right half of collar
Join shoulders
Using 3.75mm needles, cast in 28 sets.
Work 2 rows in rib as in front (this I know how to do)
NB: if you need to join in yarn, do this at the shaped edge !!!( no idea what this means )
Taking extra sets into rib shape neck edge by inc st at beginning of next row, then at same edge on every following alternative row until there are 40 sets, then on every following 4th row until there are 43 sts.
Cont shaping neck edge.

Now I’m unsure what the NB means also do I knit this separately or do I pick up stitches ??
All it says in the Finnish off section is join cast-off edges of collar sections !
Cheers if you can help.

Sounds like the collar is knit separately. Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?

Here a link to the pattern
Tbh that’s what I was thinking just wanted to double check.

Yes, collar knit separately in two sections, then joined at the back of the neck. The cast on edges are then overlapped and set into the front center. The edge with the increases is seamed to the neck edge on each side. So no picked up sts.
It will help to pin or baste the collar in first to make sure it goes in neatly and symetrically.
Thanks for the pattern link, very nice sweater.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. If I get suck let you know. It’s my first sweater and my other half is very picky. Cheers for the help deposit be back I’m sure.