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I am knitting sleeves to a sweater. 50 stitches on needles. Pattern says “Work in St st, inc 1 st each side every 1/2” 25 times to 100 stitches"

I am confused. Does this mean on the same row increase 50 stitches? Every 1/2 "? Which can’t yield 100 stitches in one row. Or does it mean increase 1 stitch each side in one row- so 2 increases in each row. Do this for 25 rows. Or does it mean something else?!:slight_smile:

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Yes, increase 2sts every 1/2 inch of length until you reach 100sts total. (Depending on your row gauge, this might be every other row or every 4 rows.) You increase on the right edge and on the left edge so that the sleeve gradually widens. You can increase one stitch in from the edge to get a neater edge and seam if you’d like.

Thanks salmonmac. It’s the length!! I was thinking across the row…not along the length of the sleeve. Feeling dumb but very grateful!

It’s a good question. Glad you asked.
Enjoy finishing up the sweater.

Yes, it is a good question. If your 1/2" falls on a WS row and you want to work your increases on a RS row you can fudge a bit. I think I’d count how many rows it took to get to the 1/2" and then pretty much increase every X rows, checking once in a while to be sure I’m not way off.