Pattern help

Hi everyone. I’m a self taught knitter that I would like to think has moved on to intermediate level. I’m currently knitting ladies garter stitch slippers with rib cuff. I’m a little confused with the pattern and wondering if someone could help.

The pattern is as follows:

Cast on 33

1st row - *K1,P1, rep from * to last st, K1
2nd row - *P1,K1, rep from * to last st, P1

Cont work measure 14cm from beg

1st row: K22, turn
2nd row: K11, turn
Rep 2nd row 32 times

SHAPE TOE: (now this is where I am confused)
1st row: K2tog, K7, K2tog…9 sts.

Obviously the last thing I have done is the 32 rows of the top of the foot so I have stitches sitting on both needles…therefore the 1st row in shaping the toe doesn’t work for me.

Have I missed something or done something wrong??

Welcome to KnilttingHelp!
Did you work the 32 rows on 11sts? For the directions to shape the toe, you’re only working the shaping on those center 11sts. Presumably the pattern will get to the other two sets of 11sts that are sitting on the needles later.

Yep I did work 32 rows on 11 sts. So basically I ignore for now the remaining stitches left on my needle? I think that’s why I was confused because it didn’t tell me to turn so I was stuck with these remaining stitches.

Keep reading in the pattern and there should be directions to work with those side sts.

All good have knit up and I have my toe shape. Thanks so much for the help and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: