Pattern help

I need some help deciphering a pattern :slight_smile:

Row 4: inc button hole combo
Row 5: slip and knit
Row 6: increase

So is row 7 and all other odds slip and knit?

And lastly, which row would be the next buttonhole? Looked like row 20 to me and that would be an increase. So do I do a combo again like row 4?

Thank you!! (I’m doing the smallest size by the way)

You’ve got it.
Every odd row is slip and knit.
The next buttonhole row is row 20.

Thank you!!!

Would row 20 be buttonhole only or the combination of buttonhole and increase like row 4?

Yes, row 20 is both an inc row and a buttonhole row. The buttonholes will be on rows 4, 20, 36, 52 etc. with the increases every even row until the patterns says to stop buttonholes and stop increase rows.