Pattern help

Im doing an eyelet mock cable pattern for fingerless gloves. Im stuck It says to k-1 p-1 yo p-1 the woman wnds up with 3 Stiches but i end up with 4, what am i doing wrong?

The yo is an increase

k-1 - 1 stitch
p-1 - 1 stitch
yo - increase 1, adds a stitch
p-1 - 1 stitch

Total - 4 stitches

If the instructions are exactly as you posted them then I don’t know how she ends up with 3.

I end up with 4 as well. Do you have a link to the pattern?

What happens if you just keep going - does the pattern work?

It’s in this video at the 10:23 time point?

The knitter isn’t counting the initial k1. When she says the she has 3sts she’s referring to the reverse side of the little mock cable. The p1, yo, p1 are the 3sts. On the RS you slipped one, k2, psso so you went from 3sts down to 2sts in the cable. Now, on the WS, you’re back to 3sts.