Pattern help

:?? :???: :???: :wink: Im doing a stretch ribbing the pattern is as follows
P-2 k-3 end with P-1
Second row
K-1 p-3 k -2 end with k -2
When i work on the third row there are 2 p at the beggining. So now do i knit the first two stitches or do i purl 1 k-3?
Repeat 6 times

What pattern are you doing? In order to continue the pattern you would p2 k3 ending with p1 but if the pattern shifts, then it depends on the directions for row 3.

It doesnt go beyond row 2

Eyelet mock cable

Are you making a hat, cup cozy, slippers, something else? Does your pattern have a name? Is it available online so that you can provide a link?

Fingerless gloves

Is it this pattern or a similar one?

If so, row 3 and all odd rows repeat row 1. Row 4 and all even rows repeat row 2. The cast on is 41sts according to the video and that works with the pattern rows.
After the ribbing the pattern will change.

Thats the one !!!