Pattern Help


I’m at my wits end with this pattern and was hoping to get some help. I consider myself somewhere between a beginner and intermediate with my knitting but this pattern isn’t adding up for me and at this point I can’t figure out if it’s the headache I’ve acquired after frogging my work a couple times or if I’m just overlooking something really obvious. My marker never seems to be where the pattern says to slip it.

It’s for an increase section on a shawl and it says this:

Cast on 12
Knit 1 Row
Row 1: k1, k1fb, yo 7 times (you now have 22 sts in the ruffle), place marker, knit to end
Row 2: WYIF slip the first st as if to purl, then k to 1 st before m, M1, k1, slip marker, k to end of row
Row 3: Bind off 14 sts (you now have 8 sts in the ruffle), slip marker, k to end of row
Row 4: WYIF slip the first st as if to purl, then k to 3 sts before the m, yo, k2tog, M1, k1, slip marker, knit to end of row
Repeat these 4 rows, ect.

My questions revolve around this: After binding off 14 sts I’m assuming I knit those 8 sts until I reach the marker to slip it? Because the marker is still 7 stitches away with the last loop from the bind off on the needle.
And once I start repeating the rows it seems if I stick to doing 7 repetitions of the k1fb, yo on row 1 I still have a stitch left before the marker. Am I supposed to be moving my marker with each repeat of Rows 1-4? It doesn’t seem to be where the pattern says it going to be slipped.
Any help would be appreciated as I’m going to sleep on this before frogging my last attempt.

Welcome to KH!
Yes, knit those 8 sts to the marker.
When you do the M1, it seems that it should be an increase between sts and not a kfb like the first increase in the row. The directions don’t say to move the marker and the stitch count at least in the first few rows should work out without moving it.