Pattern Help!

Hi Everyone, new here.
I have a problem, I am now certain there is an error with the pattern I have, but not 100%. I can’t find anything online and patons company were not aware of a problem so it must be me. I have been stuck with this issue now for a month and don’t want to give up…yet!

(Its PBN C 4957 30-40in tunic pattern)
The pattern says (for the size I want)
cast on 121 sts and starting with k row, work 3 rows stocking st ending ws facing.

Border patt:
row 1: (ws) k
row 2: k1,*yfwd, k2tog; rep from * to end
row 3 & 4 - k
row 5 - P

This is where I have the problem:
Row 6 - k10, k2tog, (k1, yfwd, k1) in next st, sL1K, k1, psso, *k11, k2tog, (k1, yfwd, k1) in next st, sL1K, k1, psso; rep from * 5 times more, k10

Problem is I don’t end up with 10 to k at the end of 5 times more, only 4. If I carry on with the pattern I have fewer sts each time to finish the row.

Is it something I am doing or is pattern actually wrong…it’s driving me nuts :open_mouth:

Welcome to KH!
You should end the row with 121sts and so you should have the 10sts left at the end of the 6 total repeats. There are 15sts before the repeat, 16sts x 6 repeats and 10sts after the repeats.
Make sure you’re doing each step correctly, especially the yarn over or yfwd. It doesn’t use a stitch, just bring the yarn forward between the needles and then to the back over the right needle to knit the next stitch.

DI have just realised, the yrwd at the start replaces one stitch from the k2toget but the is no yrwd to replace the psso, therefore loosing 6 says in total every pattern row, if you see what I mean. I have followed the pattern closely and retried the pattern so many times but still end up sort on stitches, maybe there should be an extra yrwd in the last part of the row?

You only need to replace one stitch on the k2tog. It starts with 2sts and ends with 1 stitch.
The k2tog and later the psso decrease 2sts. The k1, yfwd, k1 into a single stitch increase by 2sts so that balances out. In the repeat, the same thing happens, dec 2sts, inc 2sts.

Row 6 - k10, k2tog,[B]Dec one stitch[/B] (k1, yfwd, k1) in next st,[B]inc 2sts[/B] sL1K, k1, psso, [B]dec one st[/B] *k11, k2tog [B]dec one st[/B], (k1, yfwd, k1) [B]inc 2sts[/B] in next st, sL1K, k1, psso [B]dec one stitch[/B] ; rep from * 5 times more, k10

Maybe it’s the k1, yrwd, knit 1 part that I am not doing right then :-/ yrwd is simply bringing the yard between the needles and then it forms a stitch when you knit the next, is that right? It’s only required once on the repeat after the k2tog instead of the twice it is required before going back to repeat?

Here’s a video for the k1, o (or yfwd), k1 into a stitch just to check. It sounds like you’re doing it right.

That increase pattern occurs once before the repeat and then once in each repeat.

I am doing the yrwd correctly. But I am counting 17 stitches needed from the repeat * and not 16 is that where I am am going wrong? Not sure where I am getting 17 and not 16 (17 stitches on the repeat would require 128 sets in total not 121)

*k11, - uses 11 sts
k2tog, - uses 2 sts
(k1, yfwd, k1) in next st, - uses 1 st
sL1K, k1, psso - uses 2 sts

I count that you need 16 sts to do this. With it broken down maybe you can see which part is giving you the problem. It is SO frustrating, I know. Been there too many times.

Ahhhh it’s the in next stitch bit, I thought it was part of the next step. Thank you, I just was t seeing it.

Finally got it right now thank you and finished with 121 sts. It’s amazing how silly I have been reading the pattern wrong.

:yay: :yay: :yay:


Glad you’ve got it. These aren’t always easy steps to interpret or do but now you know and you can help the next person.