Pattern Help

Can someone please help with this pattern? Specific question is at the end of the 2nd row (the second Next Row), I K1, P21 for a total of 22 stitches. When I turn my work to complete Row 1 (Next row) AGAIN, I K1, K19, P1 = 21 sts. I know I M1 too but that is picked up from the thread between loops. SO, an extra stitch is on the needle.


red hearts anisette cardi. Need to post first then post link since first post.

Hi and welcome, you must be special because your link works!
Which part of the cardi are you working on? I can’t figure out where you are unless it’s the “Next row” where the place marker is highlighted in yellow on page 2.

I am on the first page, after doing the 4" of ribbing I am working on the Setup Pattern (2 repeating rows).

Welcome to KH!
Thanks for the pattern link. At the beginning of the first set up row:
K1, m1, k19, p1, place marker and continue with charts (22sts in the section before the marker). Then at the end of the second set up row, after the last maker: k1, p21 (22sts).
The pattern doesn’t want you to repeat the instructions for the set up rows again. It says to “work in pattern as established”. When you continue the pattern as established the next row starts k21, p1, slip marker and continue next row of charts. That way both the beginning and the end of the row have 22sts. The m1 only happens once to get you to 22sts before the charts.