Pattern help


I am getting very frustrated with my pattern.i am ashamed to say its only a dolls pattern and I am knitting an al lin one knitted babygro. I am now onto the sleeves and the pattern says cast on 22 sts which i have done continue in gst, work 5 rows which I have done.
Then it says inc 1 st at each end of next 4 FOLLOWING 6 ROWS- 32 sts. Gst 7 rows.
I dont understand what it means can you help
I think I may have to unwind the whole project

It can certainly be frustrating sometimes but don’t be discouraged. You’re learning with every pattern you do, so it all counts. Small things, toys and doll’s clothes can be especially confusing.
The pattern probably says to increase at each end of the next row and then wants you to increase at each end of the following 6th rows, 4 times. That’ll give you 10 additional sts for a total of 32sts. So you would increase on the next row (call it row 1) and then rows 7,13,19, and 25.

oh dear if that is so i will have to undo the whole body as i have read the leg part wrong as well. Why dont they explain the pattern row by row it would be much easier. Thanks for yor help and time anyway.

Can you link to the pattern or give us the pattern name, just to make sure?

Writing out the details for each row can take a lot of space and for many people it would be more information than they need. This is a conventional way to write patterns and after you’re more familiar with them won’t be as difficult to understand. It helps to understand terms like ‘foll’ or ‘following’ which means ‘after’. Don’t worry, you’ll get it and be able to read a pattern in no time.

its the baby doll all in one pattern on page 54 of womans weekly (Home series) knitting and crochet Special edition february 2013.
Not sure if you will be able to find it. There is no pattern number its just one of the patterns in the book.
regards Ambers

Hi Ambers!
Don’t worry that it’s a doll’s pattern. Small projects can be just as complicated as larger ones. I think it’s always better to judge the difficulty by taking an inventory of the skills you’ll need to make it, like increases, knitting in the round, picking up stitches, etc.

I was trying to find the pattern but I don’t know a thing about baby clothes, so I had a hard time searching for it on Ravelry.
I think there are different Woman’s Weekly mags out there, but is this possibly it? If so, this may be the website (I think) but I couldn’t find a listing of patterns published in the magazine or any errata. That was a little frustrating to me because this magazine has some great patterns, especially from Alan Dart, that I was hoping to purchase.

I think knitting magazines are a great deal, because the cost per pattern is soo low. But, I have learned the hard way to let a little time pass before I try to get started on a pattern. That way I have some finished projects whose notes I can study and the magazine has had the time to post some errata. I definitely have a few war stories involving Vogue Knitting. :wink:

With the help of this website, you can rewrite the pattern in way that is easy to read and then try again. I do this with most patterns these days, even with long ones that take a while.
If you do decide this pattern isn’t working for you, maybe you could try searching Ravelry for a free pattern that’s similar to this one until you feel like you’re ready to tackle this one again.

Thanks for taking the time to help me. The patterns you sent with a link in the reply above are not the ones. The magazine is by womans weekly but it is the february SPECIAL addition (Home Series) cost £4 and its titled Knitting @ Crochet Special.
Anyway dont worry cos thanks to your previous reply you explained it quite well and i understood where i went wrong and managed to finish the project without having to undo it. I managed to shape the arms how they should be and although the legs of the garment were not right a bit on the short side i have got away with it and it just looks like a babygro with long arms and short legs but it looks great on the teddy bear i made it for. Thanks again for your help and it is true i have learnt from my mistakes. As for the wording on the pattern that is badly explained.

That’s fabulous! We’d love to see a photo of teddy if you’d care to post one. Congrats on finishing the baby gro.