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Making a baby sweater from Plymouth Cotton Kisses. Everything comes with the ball of yarn. My question is this the yoke pattern is2 row of knitting the knits and 2 rows of purling the purls. On the row where I start the neck shaping I have 52 stitches and knit 24 in pattern. This row starts with P1, K2, P2…across. So I end up with a P at 24 and then bind off 4 stitches. So shouldn’t I start up after the 4 stitches with a P again (end with p, bo1=P, bo2=k,bo3=k, bo4=p, so next stitch in pattern should be a purl? But doesn’t it take 5 stitches to bind off 4? After the bind off of 4 it says to knit in pattern the remaning 24 stitches, but wouldn’t it really be 23? I am sooo confused.

Hi. Welcome to Knitting Help.

If you count the stitch remaining on your needle after the last BO stitch as the first stitch, does your count come out right? I think it will.

Patterns are often written this way in giving stitch counts after a bind off. As you say and GG confirms, there is a stitch remaining on the right needle after the bind off and 23sts on the left needle for the shoulder. (So each side will have 24sts.) Consider that stitch on the right needle your purl stitch and start up the pattern with a K stitch, the start of a K2P2 sequence that then repeats.
Sometimes this is just easier to see as you work the stitches on the needles. Good luck with the sweater and come back with more questions if this isn’t clear or if something else comes up.

After the bind off of 4 it says to knit in pattern the remaning 24 stitches, but wouldn’t it really be 23? I am sooo confused.

I have a really hard time with this so I understand! Some of these things I’ve decided are a matter of faith, trust the pattern and believe what I’ve learned from asking and reading here. I even will place a stitch marker so I know that when I bind off the stitch before or after (depending on the pattern instructions) I then stop binding off…or start the BO at the stitch marker. Anyhow, I’m just saying this so you know that not only have we all been there, some of us have taken up permanent residence. I have to have a “formula” to follow to make it work.

I’ve had difficulty with this, too (I’d say I’m camped out here, but not quite a permanent resident). At any rate, what I’ve found is that generally I don’t have to be a stickler about it. In other words, if it’s not absolutely perfect but pretty darn close, then “pretty darn close” is good enough. (At least, this is usually the case when I’m a stitch off on the shoulder seams.).

Of course, this is also the person who has trouble using a simple stitch counter. (Am I counting the row I just finished or the row I’m on?) SIGH!

I’m so glad it’s knitting not brain surgery and that there are no knitting police. I love unexpected design elements too. Working both sweater front pieces (or whatever) and making them match means that miscount back there will never be noticed because they match! and of course, it’s supposed to be like that. Work arounds. Never knit without them.

I never even considered that the one stitch left would be part of the count. Thanks guys.