Pattern Help

I am working on the Bigger Bitty Cabled Cardigan and have a question about part of the instructions. The pattern says “Repeat rows 2-5 until you have made 10 (12, 13, 14, 15, 16) increase rows [B]remembering to make button-holes [/B][B][I]every 14 rows[/I][/B]…” The first buttonhole was made on row 1. So does this mean the second buttonhole would be made on row 14 or row 15? Would the third buttonhole be made on row 27 or row 28? Seems like a simple instruction but I’m having a “foggy brain” day and can’t grasp it.

I’m betting on row 15, then 29. Here’s my 2 cents into the pool. Winner takes all? I think I have to wait until someone who really knows answers. More coffee 4 me!!!

Grumpy Gramma, you’re correct!

yarnrainbow, you count rows after the first increase row, counting the next one as #1 and the 14th row after that would be row 15.

:balloons: I won! I won! :balloons:

Uh oh. Does that mean I have to keep my 2 cents to myself from now on? :roflhard:

Counting rows gets me so confused sometimes.

You can put it in the jar for tea… If everyone put in 2 cents we’d be able to get a new box soon!

Or only have to use the bags twice?

I always use my bags twice. Then if you let them dry a couple days, you can use 2 for a cup that doesn’t taste too strange…

And you win my undying gratitude! :hug:

Thank the Knitting Goddesses here who taught me! At least one will dispense a special blessing. The one I got seems to have helped. :woohoo: