Pattern help

Hi all,

I’ve pasted the link below to the pattern for a children’s hat that I am working on. I’m stuck on the shape crown section. When it say patt 6… and patt for the following row. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

Help please!!!


Here is the link to the pattern

The pattern wants you to continue the pattern stitches as you have been doing but since they don’t know which row of the pattern you’re on, they say "pattern 6 stitches"instead of specifying knits or purls. Whenever it says to Pattern x number of sts, just refer to the row you’re up to and work x number of stitches so it will continue the established ribs and cables and then proceed with the decreases.

When a pattern says ‘patt 6’ or whatever, that means to work the stitch pattern over 6 stitches, then usually there’s a decrease.

Thank you guys that has made it alot clearer now. Just one more thing .


Row 1: P1(K6, P7[8:9:10], C4B, P7[8:9:10 X4]

and the patterns say K1(patt 6…

does patt 6 = P1, K5 or is it K6

Thanks in advance.

since it says k1 first, then patt 6, you would k1 then work the next 6 sts as knits or purl, however they appear on the row you’re working. If it just said patt 6, then you would include that first st as part of the 6 sts worked in pattern.