Pattern help

I’m working on a cardigan sweater. There is a 6 inch 2/2 rib and then the remainder is St-sts. There is a tip to help provide a good edge on the front. It says, work 1st 2 sts as folls: on RS work, with yarn at back of work, slip 1st st purlwise, k the next st, and continue on to end of row…I’m trying to determine if I start this tip at the very beginning with the ribbing or do I start after I finish the ribbing and do this on the main body of the sweater? Thanks.

You can start on the ribbing too, and count the slip st as the first st of ribbing. However, if you later pick up stitches on the edge for a buttonband, it’s easier if you don’t slip the first stitch. A slip st spans 2 rows, so if you have to pick up 3 sts out of every 4 it can be hard to find the row between.

Thank you! I don’t have any buttons to worry about so I think I’ll be ok. I’ll post another question when I get to the next step. Have a great night :slight_smile: