Pattern help


I am starting a sweater and the instructions at the armhole says: cast off on each side every 2 rows as follows: 1x2 sts, 3x1st. Continue on remaining…

Can someone please help me understand what to do here? Thank you so much!

Each ‘side’ actually means each edge and since you can’t BO at the end of a row, you need to do each instruction over 2 rows.

1x2 sts, 3x1st, becomes - BO 2 sts on the next 2 rows, then 1 stitch over the next 6 rows. But for the 1 st you can just do a decrease it makes a smoother edge. So you can do it this way - BO 2 sts on the next 2 rows, dec at the beg and end of the next row (a RS row), work the WS row and repeat that 2 more times.


Thank you so much. I have a couple of clarifying questions. Is knit 2 together an acceptable decrease? Do I start on the very edge or should I knit 1 stitch then k2tog? Also, according to the pattern I should end up with 10 fewer stitches when I’m done but if I decrease 2 stitches over 3 rows doesn’t that give me 6 fewer stitches? Thanks.

You can put the dec 1 stitch in, that makes the edge even smoother. Instead of using k2tog for both decs, use it at one edge and ssk/skp at the other.

The BO 2 sts on 2 rows gets rid of the other 4 sts so you do have a decrease of 10 altogether.

Doing the decreases one stitch in from the edges give you a nice line for the decreases. K2tog on the left edge and ssk on the right edge gives the decreases a pretty slant as well. Both of these are shown on the Glossary tab at the top of the page if you’d like to see them.
You’re decrease 2sts twice and 1 stitch 6 times so it’s a total of 10 sts decreased

Ok ladies I think I understand. One final question. When I do the 6 single decreases do I alternate the sides that I decrease on or does it matter? Also, I’m doing the decrease every other row on the rs, correct? Thanks.

Ladies, It just clicked. I understand now. Thanks for the help.

Great! Just to be sure, The single decreases occur at the right and the left side of the same RS row. Work one ro on the WS and then repeat the decreases on the RS, work another WS row and repeat the decreases again on the RS (2sts decreased every other row).