Pattern help

I have this pattern and have questions on row 9 and 14 regarding RS and WS:

Row 9 (RS): Knit. [U](does this mean hold in right hand?)[/U]
Row 14 (WS): K5, * wyib sl1, k1; rep from *[U] (does this mean instead of after knitting and turning work back to left side to work I keep it in the Right side so it’s the wrong side?)[/U]
across to last 5 sts; k5.

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Please edit your post so it only has the part you are having trouble with. Don’t post entire patterns because it’s a copyright violation and KH can get into trouble.

RS is usually the front side and WS is usually the back of the work. You turn your work to work on the other side the same regardless of whether you’re knitting RS or WS. So after you finish a RS row you turn and then you’ll be working on the WS.

If it helps you it’s okay to place a safety pin or locking marker on the RS so it’s easy to remember. Often the pattern design will give you a clue and this one does seem like it will be obvious which side is which.

Have you started this project yet? If you haven’t do so because just knitting it often makes more sense.

The terms RS ans WS are for information to let you know which is which; you don’t make the sts any differently. For row 9, you just knit however you always knit a row. So from now on all odd numbered rows are the RS, and even rows are the WS.

You’re switching from garter stitch (knit every row) to stockinette stitch - knit on RS, purl on WS, except for the 5 sts at the beginning and end of the WS row which are always knit so you have a garter stitch border.

For Row 14 you would K5 (for the garter stitch border) then move the yarn to the back of your work, behind the needle as if to knit, and slip a stitch, then k1. You repeat the slip 1, k1 all the way across the row to the last 5 sts which you knit.