Pattern help

This is my first go with a clothing pattern. It is the baby frock by Hannah fettig from Knitbot.

I’m doing the 3-6mo version
So I have been following the instructions within the ()
The direction is as follows…

Knit 2(5,2,5,2) rnds
Decrease rnd: (K1,ssk,knit to 3 before m, k2tog,k1,sm) twice. 4 sts decreased.

this is where I am stumped*
Rep dec rnd every 6 rnds 4 (4,5,5,6) times more. 56(60,64,68,72)sts.

Next rnd: (P4, knit to 4 sts before m,p4 sm) 2 times.

I have made it to the decrease rnd and I have the correct number of stitches but don’t understand what to do next.

Sorry this is probably so simple but I’m so new at this I’m probably reading more into it.

Thanks for the help!


Okay, your size is the first one within the parenthesis. So you repeat the decrease round every 6 rounds 4 more times and yor stitch count should be 60.

Is that the part you needed help with?

Yes. Things are slowly coming into focus…:aww:
So I will continue to knit rounds and each 6th round I do the decrease. And I do that a total of 4 times.
Does that sound right?

Thanks so much!

Yes, inc every 6th round, but do it 5 times total - it says ‘4 rounds [I]more’[/I]. You’ve already done it once, so you do it another 4 times.

Oh right! Sues got it!