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I am posting what I realize is going to be a difficult question for someone to visualize – so appreciate your patience in advance and any advise you have to give.

I am making a Norah Gaughan sweater (Schwaan in Vol 8). The front has a hexagon insert. I have picked up the stitches and have my placemakers in place. The pattern in the book looks a bit like a triangle with a base that narrows up to a point. The pattern itself starts out with 21 stitches converging to 1. The first two rows make sense because there are 21 stitches (except on either end where there are 22 stitches). Rows 3-8, however only show 19 stitches and rows 9-14, 17 stitches and so on…The instructions specifically say: Keeping 1 st each side in st st, complete chart as est - 7 sts rem. I do not see how the decreases come into play.

Is there any thing here that makes sense without the picture? The picture of the finished sweater can be viewed by the link below

Thanks so much in advance -


Are the decs in the chart? That would seem to be the case because the rows dec by 2 sts.

See if there is a chart symbol for a k2tog or ssk or if there is a (no stitch" or open space holder in the chart that would indicate a decrease. Also see if there is a note at the very beginning of the pattern about decreases on the front.

I am not sure, but wouldn’t you just work the dec over the remaining center stitches? So, leaving 1 st on either side, 21 sts work 9 sts., dec in next 2 sts, work next 8 sts., next row, leaving 1 st on either side,work 7 sts, dec in next 2 sts, work next 6 sts. etc. does that make sense?

srry, row 3 work the dec, row 9 work the dec.

after reading some of the other posts I don’t think I amseeing the clear picture therefore my suggestions probably will not be right. sorry. Good luck with your sweater though.