Pattern Help


I am almost finished with a really cute sweater vest for my daughter. I have come to a point in the pattern where I am stumped. I am knitting the arm holes and finishing up the rest of the vest. I just got done with a row where I knit so many stitches, then bind off 6 stitches to start the arm hole and so on to finish the row.

The next row states to “knit until the arm opening, then make 26 new stitches over the arm opening. Knit until the other arm opening and repeat.” I think I may be understanding the part wrong…do I just basically knit straight across? Won’t that leave a pucker…or a hole? I don’t know…hoping someone can help clear up my confusion! :slight_smile:

In this case ‘make 26 new stitches’ would mean you cast on stitches over the ones you bound off. That does make a hole - the armhole - so it’s supposed to be there. Use the knit or cable CO by switching the needle with the working yarn to the left hand, cast on, then move the needle back to the right hand and knit across to the other bound off sts and cast on there too. After you do a couple more rounds past that, you’ll see how it works.

Thank you so much for the help! I am still learning to read patterns and a lot of times, unless it is really spelled out for me, I still get confused! I really appreciate the clarification!