Pattern help

Have a pattern that reads: "k 1 through back 1p (back knit st-bk st)"
Not sure how this should be translated if knit one through back of stitch applies to one stitch and then the next stitch is pulled through the back. Any help is appreciated. thanks

I don’t quite understand that either. Do you have a link to the pattern and the name of it?

It’s the font - “back 1p” isn’t 1 purl, that’s an L for lp or loop. It’s usually seen as ktbl or knit 1 through the back loop, video on the Glossary page under 1-b or ktbl.

Sorry no link. Pattern is circa 1978 from the McCall’s Super Book of Knit & Crochet, pattern name Eve’s trio page 30. The following is more complete pattern instructions to create the ribbed rows:
"Ribbed Pattern: Row 1 (right side): P 3, * k 1 through back 1p (back knit st-bk st), p 3, repeat from * across. Row 2: K 3, * p 1, k 3, repeat from* across. Repeat these 2 rows for ribbed pattern. Not sure if this is any more clear.

thanks so much! We will see if I can figure this out now.

Ohhh good call, Sue! :thumbsup:

Remember typewriters…? The 1 and lower case L on them looked identical, so you could use l for the 1 without having to reach up to the top row with your pinky finger.

I took typing in HS once, but I don’t remember the 1 and l being interchangeable. Good memory! :teehee:

They look the same in some fonts on the computer too.