Pattern help

I crochet but I’m new to knitting. I’ve found a pattern I like but can’t figure out what it means…[COLOR=“Red”]*Sl 6 sts as if to purl, dropping YO sts; this will form 6 long loops on the right needle. With left needle pick up the first group of 3 sts and pass first group over the second group of 3 sts. Now all 6 sts are on the left needle. Purl each of these 6 sts[/COLOR]…[COLOR=“Black”]The part I don’t get is the passing 3 over 3 ending up on the left needle. I’ll attach a pic from the book. “The 7-Day Afghan Book” (Lemon Lace).If someone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it. I attached a pic of the stitch. The blanket looks so lovely!

I finally figured it out! YAY!

Oh, good. I saw this earlier and was trying to figure it out, but needed a little more information, especially about the row before this. Had work to do, but am taking a break now so checked again. How did it work?