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I am working on a pillow pattern that is ribbed with a large “X” overriding the ribbing. The pattern is a little difficult to understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The pattern says:

Cast on 192 work in rib patt. On 3rd round start with dec as foll: from start of round work P1 and K1, then a slip dec (=slip 1 knitwise, K1, PSSO); 40 in patt, then K2tog, K1, P1, rep 3 times from. Rep these dec in the same positions alt on every round and on every 2nd round 20 times = 24 sts.

I have interpreted this to mean there is one type of decrease (P1, K1, S1, K1, PSSO, K2tog, K1, P1) repeat it 4 times per round on every other round 20 times. The ribbing doesn’t work when I do this and the pattern doesn’t say what to do on the even rounds. I have tried following the stitches as the appear, but it doesn’t work. Do you think there are 2 types of decrease because the pattern says…40 in patt, then k2tog… Also, what does “on every round and on every 2nd round mean”? :doh:

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There are two types of decrease.

p1, k1, slip dec, 40 rib st, k2tog, k1, p1–repeat this sequence 3 times.

Alt on every round and on every 2 round would be this, I THINK

1 dec
2 dec
4 dec
6 dec
7 dec
9 dec
12dec etc.

Since you’re talking about rounds, I’m assuming that this is knit in the round. In that case, there are no wrong side rows–you’re always working on the right side.

I think you have it! You are always so helpful - thank you!

One more question would the 40 in pattern sts number change as I decrease?

I imagine they’d have to since you’re not doing any increases and need to end up with 24 st. It says to do the dec in the same positions, so do the first 2 st, and do the dec at the end before the last 2 st and decrease the middle stitches accordingly.