Pattern Help!

I am very new to crochet, this is my first project and I need some help!

This is what the pattern says:

  1. Do 1 double crochet, 1 chain, 1 double crochet and so on until the end of all the previous chains, creating a net.
  2. Turn and go on to crochet a net, make 1 at right for 4 times.
  3. Then, always on the right side, decrease 1 tr over 2 sts, creating the ears’ holes.

I think I understand it, but how do I “make 1” and how do I “decrease 1 tr over 2 sts”? What does “tr” stand for?


Is there a link to this pattern? Some of the instructions aren’t in “standard” crochet terminology, and I can see where they would be difficult to understand.

It sounds like this is a Filet Crochet pattern. If that’s the case, maybe you can look at for videos on Filet Crochet to get started. :slight_smile:


The tr stands for Treble. However, no where else is treble mentioned in what you posted, so if you could post a link to the pattern or some other way for us to read the entire thing we might better be able to help you.

Initially it sounded as if you were doing a V-stitch. What is it you are making? This sounds a bit complicated for a first project with the mention of “ear holes”.