Pattern Help

Hi everybody:
I’m making a toy mouse for my cat. The pattern use bobble for ear and knot for eye.
The knit direction for the knot:(over 2 sts): K2, yon, pass 1st st over 2nd; yon, yon, pass 2nd st over 2 yons.
My questions are:
First, when pass 1st st over 2nd, what to do with the yon?
Second, when pass 2nd st over 2 yons, which st is consedered the “2nd” st? :
I hope you can understand me. Thanks a lot in advance.

When you bind off, you knit 2 and pass the first st over the 2nd one on the R needle, that’s what you’re doing here. K2, yo, pass st over, then do a double YO and pass the st from the first pass st over, over the 2 YOs.

Thank you Sue, It is not a bind off, i am knitting a “knot” for the toy mouse’s eyes. The pattern is from Esther’ Knitting Page. (sorry, I do not know the link.I think I got it through this site ). That is the direction for the knot.
Let me put it in another way,when k2, yon, pass 1st st over 2nd, do I pass the 2nd st only, or do I pass the the 2nd st AND the yon st, too.

I know it’s not a bind off, but it’s LIKE one in that’s what they mean be pass the first st over the 2nd one. You would pass the st over both the st and the YO - I think. The instructions aren’t really that clear.

Knit 2, then YO, you have 3 loops on the R needle. From the tip they’re 3, 2, 1. Pass st 1 over the other 2 which leaves sts 2 and 3 on the needle. Then YO twice and pass stitch 3 over the double YO.

Do you have a link to the pattern, or to a picture of it? That may help figure it out a lettle better.

Thank you so much, Sue. I think I got it this time. I really, really appreciate it!
Not very savvy on the net, with limited English and knowlege of patterns, Could you imagine the frustration some time? LOL! Thanks again