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I am knitting a Barbie dress. I’m at the end of the pattern working on armholes and having trouble with Row 10. I cast on 11 stiches (the first time I have ever cast on stiches in the middle of my work), now these extra stiches are on my left needle and the pattern says “16sts pattern, cast on 11, rib 8”. Is there something missing in the pattern?

Row 6: K1, *K2 tog, K2; repeat from * to last st, K1. = 36
Row 7: K2, *P2, K1; repeat from * to last 2 sts, K2.
Row 8: Knit.
Repeat these 2 rows until work measures 14½ cm, end with row 7.

Row 9: Rib 8 (k1, p1), cast off 2, K16, cast off 2, Rib 8.
[COLOR=“Red”]Row 10: Rib 8, cast on 11, 16sts pattern, cast on 11, Rib 8.[/COLOR]

Cast off in rib, but in knit over shoulder straps.

Thanks in Advance,

I get it. The 2 sts cast off on the previous row were for the underarms. If you CO 11 sts over that spot it will make shoulder straps. To cast on in the middle of your work, use the knit CO - move the R needle to the L hand, knit on the sts, move the needle back to the R hand, work 16 sts to the next underarm, repeat.

Ahh, I see, that’s so clever, hehe. Thanks, Sue!

Now when it says 16sts pattern, does it mean to knit 16 as in the previous row or to rib like the first and last 8 sts?

Knit 16 means work them the same as you did the 16 sts previously. That would be this rib pattern - *P2, K1; repeat from * to last 2 sts, K2. - or knit all if it’s the knit row.

Thank you so much, Sue! You were very helpful. :slight_smile: