Pattern Help!

Hi there, this is my first post so please bare with me. I am kind of new to knitting, i’ve made scarves and hats but i am making my first garment at the min. Its a chunky cardigan. I have done the back no problem but have moved onto the left front. I am up to the shaping of the Raglan and Neck. The pattern is confusing me a little (maybe as i am a newbie)

Work 22 rows dec 1 st at raglan edge in next and every foll alt row AT SAME TIME dec 1 st at neck edge in 5h and every foll 6th row

The next row is a knit row. So i understand i dec 1 st on every knit row. Does it also mean i work 5rows and dec 1 st at start and end of the 5th and 6th row?? Am i making sense?? Any help or advise would really help me out. Thanks

Jay xx :slight_smile:

Do the decrease at the shoulder/raglan edge every other row, and also dec at the neck edge (other side of the piece/end of row) on the 5th row and then every 6th row after that.

Ok so i work 5rows, dec in every other. Then on the 5th i dec at both ends. Then i work a further 5rows and on the 6th do the same. Am i getting there hehe dont know why this wont sink in!!!

Thanks for your help x

I think you’ve got it. You’re doing different things at the beg and end of the rows…

R 1, 3 - dec on raglan edge only (work WS rows in between)
R5 - dec at raglan edge [I]and[/I] neck edge/end of row
R 7, 9 - dec on raglan edge only
R 11 - dec at raglan edge [I]and[/I] neck edge/end of row

Ok well i’ve knitted it and finished my first front and it looks like i did it right hehe Now to start the right side. Thanks for your help.

Jay x