Pattern Help!

the pattern im using is patons knit sock monkey! I am knitting in the round and do not understand how to join the lets and go up to the body! this is what the pattern says!

I have made both legs already: just need help understanding!

Join legs: Beg at marked sts of second leg, K28 of first leg. K28 from first leg, dividing sts onto 3 needles. Join in rnd, placing marker on first st. 56 sts.
(each leg is 28 stitches around divided onto three needles already)

I don’t know if you made a typo or if the typo is in the pattern.

Regardless, you’d work 28 from the first leg, then 28 from the second leg and divide the 56 stitches among 3 needles and start working all of these in the round.

i guess im not understanding. I have to join 2 seperate tubes (legs) into one round to form the body. I dont understand how i can knit them together and have them be fully attached. if i could get a little better detail. My terms in knitting are not too well my grandmother taught me and we just winged it! :slight_smile:

There are 28 sts for each leg, take one leg and knit about 18 sts of it onto the empty dpn. Knit the rest of the sts for that leg and 9 from the next leg onto an empty dpn, then knit the remaining sts. Now they’re attached and will begin to look look like a monkey’s bottom after a few more rounds.