Pattern Help

100 grams sock yarn of your choice
Have some contrast colour yarn handy for the toes if you are making socks for a long foot, or if you want to extend the cuff length.
Size 2 to 3 US (3 mm) double pointed needles

28 sts= 4 inches

CO 56 sts. Join and mark beg of round.

Rib in K2, P2 rib for 7 inches or desired leg length.

Divide For Heel
Put one half of the stitches (28), centered on the beginning of the round, on a needle. (The easiest way to do this is to knit the first 14 sts, then turn and slip the 14 sts on the other side of the marker onto the needle). Place the other half on a holder - these stitches will be the instep later on. Work the heel flap over the 28 sts (using contrast colour if desired):

P across the back of the heel flap, slipping the first stitch.
Sl1, K1 across.

Repeat these 2 rows till you have worked 28 rows (count the slipped stitches which should be 14

Sorry hit the enter key before I typed the question.

the pattern says to cast on to DPNS… then do the rib pattern… but there is no divide the stitches to needles… do I assume to do that? Or do this flat? Then divide for the heel. And if I am to assume its to be divided on 3 needles…is the count important… since 3 into 56
not even…or go to 4 needles would be even ? Make sense?

How much difference is there from a 3 DPN to a 1 DPN… I found this pattern for socks. I have these 3 DPNs. and sock weight and the pattern called for sports weight… I need some sock patterns for sock yarn and 3 DPNS.

last question… the pattern I found with the 1 DPNs… said I could buy 10 needles and do the sock in pairs… doing one round then the same on the next set at the same time… how does this work… how are the needles held. Any posts on explaining this or a video?

Thank you ahead for all your help and patience

It’s probably assumed that you join, and no, you don’t have to have an equal amount of sts on each needle. You can use either a 4 or 5 needle set, one of the needles will always be used to knit with and the others holde the sts. There should be dozens of patterns for sock weight yarn on dpns - check the archives, and at

I don’t know about using 2 sets of dpns to work both socks at the same time, but I know people do this with one long circular or 2 circs, so I imagine it’s similar and there should be videos and tutorials for that. Seems like it would be easier to work them on the circs.