Pattern help


Please can someone help me I do not have a clue how to complete the hooded cardigan I am knitting for my son. The pattern reads as follows; HOOD - Join shoulder seams. With rs facing starting at marker pick up and knit 20sts evenly along rs of front of neck ( this I understand), knit across 16sts left on stitch holder at back of neck as follows;K2 pick up loop between last and next st and work into the back of this loop ref m1 ( where do I k2 from? do I pick up loop from row below I am so confused ), k3,m1 4 times,k2, pick up and knit 20sts evenly along left side of front of neck end at marker.61sts.cont until hood measures 17cm ending with ws row.

Then even more confusing; Shape top; cast off 20sts,k20,cast off 20sts.with ws facing, rejoin yarn to rem 21sts and k to end. cont without shaping until hood measures 11cm from cast off sts.cast off. join side edges at top of hood to 20 cast off sts.
hood border; rs facing pick up and k34 evenly along rs of hood,19sts from 21sts cast off at top of hood and 34sts along left side of 4 rows cast off.

Please can someone explain this to me in a simple way.

Many Thanks

As I read it, it’s saying you knit into the loop after you had knitted 2 sts and to M1 is knit as normal but don’t slip that you knitted now purl in that same st. So what you doing is knit, purl in the same st to M1 to make an extra st.

I hope that was helpful to you.

Thanks but I still do not understand it at all. am I knitting this hood in two halves? Why do I have stitches left on a stitch holder on the back when I am making new stitches Help!

It would help if we had a picture of the pattern, or a link to it.

The sts on the holder are from the back of the sweater and you knit them when you pick up around the neck edge. So the hood doesn’t seem to have any sts on a holder. I think you knit the top part of the hood in 2 sections, then will fold the sections down to the bound off sts to make a ‘cup’ for the back of the head.

It would look like this, kinda - |x|
and those side pieces will fold down to the x and you sew them together.

I think the hood will really be 3 sections–two sides and a longer center strip that gets sewn into place between the side edges and will lay on top of the head.

The stitches that you work in the beginning are the neck stitches, and the M1 is an increase–Amy has video on making the M1 increases.

Oh whoops, you’re right, I misread it. It will be like an upside down T and the short sides will be sewn to the long piece.

Just wanted to say thanks to you all. It took awhile but I understand now :aww: . x